Friday, August 27, 2010

In which I compare running a blog to my inability to care for plants

A whole week since my last post may not seem much, but once my mother left me in charge of her peace lily plant while she was away, and I went a week without watering it and it died. So here I am, watering the blog or some confusing ad-on to a rubbish simile.
ANYWAY, I've been a bit busy for bloggin', what with seven different projects to do at cpit and moving into an awesome flat at the same time. But let me assure you, some fine blogging is to come, much like when my mum returned from her trip, watered the plant and it came back to life, STRONGER THAN EVER (with plant strength I guess).

Also there was apparently a Wednesday at some point this week, so here you go:

This video was an artist model for my concertina book, and now we listen to Cudi in class all the time. I'm scared one day I wont be able to design WITHOUT his sweet rhymes. D:

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