Wednesday, January 12, 2011



  1. Jaguar Love- Cherry Soda
  2. MGMT- Flash Delirium
  3. Johnny Whitney- Blinding Rage
  4. Kanye West- Monster
  5. Mark Ronson- Bang Bang Bang
  6. The Naked and Famous- Young Blood
  7. Tommy Ill- Robot
  8. Die! Die! Die!- How Ye
  9. Gorrillaz- Stylo
  10. All of the music from the film Scott Pilgrim vs the World because that movie is amazing you guys seriously
  11. Vampire Weekend- Giving Up The Gun
  12. Felix Cartel- Volcano
  13. So So Modern- The Worst Is Yet To Come
  14. Duck Sauce- Barbra Streisand
  15. Kele- Tenderoni
  16. Hot Chip- I Feel Better
  17. Klaxons- Echoes
  18. Lil Wayne- Right Above It
  19. Kid Cudi- Erase Me
  20. Drake- Over
  1. Scott Pilgrim vs The World
  2. Inception
  3. Toy Story 3
  4. Fantastic Mr Fox
  5. Kick-Ass

  1. Hot Chip- I Feel Better
  2. Holy Fuck- Red Lights
  3. Gorrilaz- Stylo
  4. MGMT- Flash Delirium
  5. The XX- Islands
  6. Vampire Weekend- Giving Up The Gun
  7. OK Go- This Too Shall Pass
  8. Kanye West-Runaway (40 minute version)
  9. Tommy Ill- Robot
  10. Grinderman- Heathen Child

Happy New Year!!!

"Happy New Year?" I hear you exclaim as you accidentally click on this blog whilst looking for a forum to post your Teen Titans slash fiction "But it's the 12th of January! He is late!"
Well you're wrong, Hypothetical stranger, wrong wrong wrong. Because every year, as it is happening, is a new year, and to state happy new year at any point of said year is to celebrate this. Anyway, to celebrate 2011, heres a photo of a drawing of a fashionable gazelle.