Monday, June 28, 2010

Shameless Posting Of Something I've Made And Am Proud Of: The "03"

The "03"

This was Chickenfist studio's Teen Drama Parody, The "03" (a play on The OC, and the area code for christchurch). Despite our three 48hours films prior to it, I still think this was the best "film" we've made. The original intention was to make a "season"of six youtube episodes, which would expand and carry on the story, focusing on the love triangle between Cameron, Heath and Leo. Alas, despite our best efforts (we did film half of a second episode) this never ended up happening. It's a shame 'cause occasionally the episode ideas enter my head and make me feel feelings.
On a more serious note, look at Kieran dance!!! LOOK AT HIM!!!! :D

A'ight, lets getting blogging!

Hello I am Gareth and this is Blog.
Here I will post things I make, like or dislike!
But more likely, I'll forget about this thing in two weeks.

Enjoy! :D