Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday rap!

This is something I ran on my facebook during March, until I realised people probably didnt want the whitest, geekiest guy they know talking about rap all over their newsfeed.
But since no-one reads this, I feel I can officially "rap it up" without annoying anyone too much :D

Anyway, today I recommend Tommy Ill!
One of the only NZ rappers that doesnt make me cringe and the only rapper I've seen live, Mr Ill mixes unlikely samples with clever, self deprecating lyrics about Pokémon, hangovers and kinda ironic sounding call outs to other rappers ("I was speeding down the road, just trying to get back until I heard somebody yelling now "Savage, where the chorus at?").
Check him out at and download the free "Day We Became Models" Ep, cause you know you've always wanted to hear a hip hop mash-up of AC/DC and Cold War Kids.

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